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"So much visibility worldwide!"

Martin Draeger (now ENVionX) was the genius behind Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc. (WHI), getting so much visibility worldwide even as a small company. He is creative, hard working and has a comprehensive insight into the high-tech environmental business.

Nilson Guiger, Ph.D

Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc.

"Extremely satisfied with the technical marketing"

I am extremely satisfied with the technical marketing services ENVionX offered our company. From the onset, I was skeptical that any marketing firm would truly understand our unique business needs within the hydrogeologic consulting field. As they claim, ENVionX truly does understand the geo-environmental landscape. They quickly helped us to build a new brand logo, developed a flexible and professional looking website, and designed an ad to promote our online training courses. Feedback from my Facebook connections was great; they all congratulated me on the professional look of my new web site.

Dragan Kaludjerovic, Ph.D, M.Sc

Advanced Groundwater Technologies

"Great service, quality and fair pricing!"

We contacted ENVionX to build a new website and strengthen our brand impact. After meeting with Martin Draeger (Owner), we quickly realized we found the right marketing firm for our business. Throughout the process, ENVionX was very helpful in providing deeper insights into digital marketing tactics and strategic approaches to online marketing. Now, Natural Sports has a professional website complete with e-commerce. I would highly recommend ENVionX for your marketing projects. Great service, quality and fair pricing.

Nelson Murakami

Natural Sports

"They just get it!"

“We were looking for a marketing and communications firm that really understood our business and our customers. A marketing firm that had enough knowledge and experience in water and environment that could transform our ideas into powerful marketing materials that clearly expressed our value and benefits. That firm was ENVionX – Geo-Environmental Marketing Consultants. They just get it! They understand the environmental landscape and know what makes our customers tick. They quickly produced marketing materials that helped us strengthened our brand and drive new interest in our products and services.”

Phil Stefanoff, B.Sc., C.Tech.

Director of Business Development, KISTERS North Am
KISTERS North America

"Great success!"

“Schlumberger was lucky to inherit Martin Draeger (now ENVionX) when it acquired Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc. He was responsible for Global Marketing and Communications for Schlumberger Water Services and Schlumberger Geothermal Services and had great success.”

Nilson Guiger, Ph.D,

Latin America Vice President
Schlumberger Water Services

"Tradeshow Banner Designs"

"We got the banners and I just looked at them, they look FANTASTIC!"

Grant R. Carey, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Porewater Solutions
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