The photographs you use in your marketing collateral are an extension of your brand strategy. The position of the camera, lighting conditions, color use and focus help to create the message you are trying to convey. From the deserts of Saudi Arabia to vast urban cities in the USA, ENVionX has captured both field photographs and video clips to support customers and enhance their core values.

Our photography and video production services include:

  • On-site photo shoots
  • Product photo shoots
  • Case study support
  • Stock photography (royalty free)
  • Corporate overviews
  • Service offering overview
  • Product launches
  • Product support catalogues
  • MS PowerPoint animations
  • Internal communications
  • YouTube Channel setup and media production

Our flexible photographers work with your field and in-house personnel to accommodate your timing and photograph/video needs. To schedule your photo shoot, contact us today!

NOTE: The end-to-end production of this video was managed and directed by Martin Draeger while working with Schlumberger Water Services.  This video is not an endoresment.  Products and services referenced in this video may no longer be valid.  Please call us for more details.

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