Developing a comprehensive and successful plan requires thorough review of market influences - particularly impacts from competitors.  Determining competitor strengths and weaknesses will provide your organization with the foundation to make better decisions for the future. 

ENVionX works with senior leadership, marketing leaders, product managers and sales teams to consolidate market data and establish a competitive evaluation of your products and services.  This information can be repurposed when developing R&D funding plans, creating go-to-market strategies, building marketing budgets and presenting at investor meetings.

Our Competitive Assessments typically entail:

  • Competitor/Technology Assessments (4 P’s)
  • Technology Trends Assessments
  • SWOT (each product)
  • Portfolio Analyses
  • Marketshare Assessments
  • Channel Assessments
  • Alliances Assessments
  • Competitor Marketing Investment Audits
  • Go-to-Market Workflow Audits
  • Integration of customer/employee input

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