Over the past decade, marketing communications tactics have shifted from reliance on traditional print media, to digital and social media outlets.  Corporate websites and social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are providing Marketers with the ability to target their messages and audience types more effectively.  However, collecting enormous amounts of information and acting on it demands the implementation of tools such as CRM and Marketing Automation software.  ENVionX will work with your Marketing, Sales and Operations teams to identify the most cost-effective tools for your business - and will help you implement and train your staff.

Our Marketing and Operations Alignment typically entails:

  • CRM Review
  • CRM Implementation, Adoption, Training
  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Proposal Tools Audit/Implementation
  • Budgeting – Finance Alignment & Reporting
  • Product-to-Market Workflow Assessment & Optimization
  • Integration of Employee Input

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